Trump in new Fox interview says Biden is ‘imploding’ over laptop reports

Trump pledges 'biggest tax cut ever' if he's re-elected

President offered some intel on how his campaign is going and temperament of opponent Joe Biden

In an interview on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday, President Donald Trump talked about the health of his campaign and his prediction on how his competitor, Democrat Joe Biden, was handling unsubstantiated allegations about his son’s business dealings.

Trump, who recently recovered from COVID-19, said his campaign was going “very well" as he heads into the second debate with Biden on Thursday. On Monday, the Commission on Presidential Debates said the presidential hopefuls will have their microphones turned off during parts of the debate Thursday.

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During the interview, Trump said he predicted that Biden would likely play a “dirtier” game than former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton during the debate Thursday.

“Hillary was a much smarter person than him, but they play a much dirtier game, and she was dirty with emails and everyone else... she was terrible,” he said.

He also spoke about recent unsubstantiated allegations that a laptop owned by Hunter Biden, Biden’s son, contained incriminating information. The New York Post reported that a computer shop owner gave the laptop to Trump supporter Rudy Giuliani.

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“I think he’s imploding; you look at all that corruption in his family, tremendous corruption,” Trump said.

The president went on to say that he and other Republicans may get Attorney General William Bar involved to investigate the laptop reports.

“We got to get the attorney general to act, and he’s got to act fast, he’s got to appoint somebody,” Trump said.

In his final comments, the president made an appeal to voters that a vote for him would lead to “the American dream.”

“The bottom line: The American dream, the great American dream versus being a socialist hellhole,” he said when asked what the difference is between him and Biden winning.

While several national polls show Biden leading, the president said he is leading or is tied with Biden in several key states.

“We’re up in Florida, way up, we’re up in North Carolina...Pennsylvania is pretty even, we got a ruling yesterday that was ridiculous, where they can count ballots after the election is over,” he said, referring to a Supreme Court ruling.

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