Report: Atlanta drivers some of the most aggressive in the nation

Atlanta has six of the top 100 traffic bottlenecks in the country.

It is not even debatable that Atlanta is a tough city for drivers.

The metro area has ranked as one of the most dangerous cities for drivers in the nation most recently and has made it on a number of such lists in the past.

According to a previous report by Nerdwallet, the city has earned the “dangerous” moniker due to its high number of car crashes  and vehicle-related crimes. That image has  continued with a new report from GasBuddy.

The real-time fuel price website and app company ranked American cities by how aggressive their drivers are. Using data from their app and U.S. Census Bureau data collected between November 2018 and February 2019, they examined the top 30 metro areas by population and ranked the frequency of "an aggressive event" while driving. These events include "speeding, hard braking or accelerating."

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Atlanta was ranked as the city with the fourth-most aggressive drivers. It came in behind Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Sacramento, California.

Atlanta drivers are 20 percent more aggressive than the average American driver, according to GasBuddy’s report.

GasBuddy also broke down aggressive driving events by day of the week and found the most aggressive day was Friday. Wednesday was the least aggressive.

Atlanta is an expensive place to commute as well, with the lifetime cost of commuting the highest in the U.S..