The Vent for Wednesday

Gun ownership does not make one a “gun nut.”

It’s not the cat or dog walking on your lawn. It’s the lack of respect people have for other people’s property, that’s the issue. If you don’t own it, leave it alone.

Outlawing guns will not solve any problems. Getting help for the mentally ill will. That is where we as a nation are severely lacking.

I guess I am out of touch. I did not watch the Grammys nor do I recognize any of the names that were there. It must be something for teenagers.

Again, what’s wrong with saying “pregnant?"

America invents a weapon which cannot be defended against. We then sell it to others. I don’t get it.

Compassion doesn’t always equal common sense.

So what is the excuse for “pants on the ground” for people on the streets? Belts are not outlawed on the outside!

It’s cheaper to buy a new microwave because corporations want us to buy new microwaves. Planned obsolescence: capitalism at its finest.

Redneck shows are a lot more entertaining than the girly guy crap!

At least Chipper took out his own ashes instead of hiring some minion to do it for him!

My dog doesn’t bark all day. Dogs bark for two reasons… as a warning or anxiety.

10 acres ain’t a ranch? My oh my, ain’t you Mr. Big Britches.

Ah, excuse me, but wasn’t the Super Bowl played here in Atlanta some years back? Yeah, I thought so.

Do fat people have to sit in the middle of those teensy tiny Smart Cars so they don't tip over?

Awesome! A day where I could vote every last vent UP!

Our so-called leaders need to look at what comes up when you google the word Georgia. We’re the only state out of 50 defined as backwards.