Q&A on the News

Q: Marijuana is now legal in Colorado. Where can you buy it and are there limitations on where you can smoke it?

—Eddie Webster, Dallas

A: Colorado's Amendment 64, which was passed in November, allows people 21 and older to use marijuana, to possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana and to grow up to six marijuana plants. Legal marijuana can be sold only through licensed pot shops, and no registration or licenses are required to possess it. It's still illegal to smoke in many places, including public schools, college campuses, privately owned buildings – including apartment complexes — where the owner forbids it, federal office buildings, courthouses, public parks, sidewalks, national parks and forests. Amendment 64 applies to anyone – residents and visitors – who are in the state. Colorado has until July 1 to adopt regulations for marijuana businesses and until Oct. 1 to begin licensing them, according to published reports.

Q: I leased my 2011 Honda CR-V in 2011. If taxes were already built into the lease, wouldn’t I be paying twice? I have this leased vehicle for another year, so how does this new tax affect someone in the middle of their lease?

—JoAnne Barrett, Cumming

A: Georgia's new title tax will not affect people who have already signed a car lease, Clint Mueller, the legislative director for the Association County Commissioners of Georgia, told Q&A on the News. "Nothing changes for them until the lease is up and they have to make the decision to re-lease it or turn the car back in," he said.

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