Q&A on the News

Q: Why is Auburn’s rally cry “War Eagle,” and they fly an eagle during opening activities, but their mascot is a tiger?

—Kathy McDonough, Peachtree Corners

A: Auburn's nickname has been the Tigers since "the university first fielded a football team against Georgia in Atlanta in 1892," according to the athletic program's website. Auburn's mascot is a tiger named Aubie, who first appeared on a football program cover in 1959, and became a costumed mascot in 1979. There are several legends regarding the origin of "War Eagle" as the school's battle cry. The most popular one centers on a Civil War veteran who attended Auburn's game against Georgia in 1892. He brought a pet eagle, which flew away and began soaring around the field. Auburn's team put together a scoring drive while the eagle circled the field, leading the fans to yell "War Eagle!" Auburn grads and fans use the phrase to greet one another.

Q: Will people who have prepaid tolls be given a refund since they’ve done away with the toll on Ga. 400?

—Carole Baker, Atlanta

A: Peach Pass customers can request a refund, but the State Road and Tollway Authority is encouraging drivers to keep their accounts active, spokeswoman Malika Reed Wilkins told Q&A on the News in an email. Existing funds could be used on upcoming projects, such as the I-75 South reversible toll lanes in Henry and Clayton counties, the Northwest Corridor toll lanes in Cobb and Cherokee counties and the I-85 express lanes extension in Gwinnett County. "The money that is in the customer's account will remain, so funds will be there when they choose to use any Peach Pass toll facility," Wilkins wrote.

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