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Q: There was a segment on an Atlanta TV station recently on how to decrease robocalls. I am harassed all day. Any advice?

—Bernadette O’Hare, Acworth

A: If you haven't registered your numbers with the National Do Not Call Registry, you can do so at donotcall.gov or by calling 888-382-1222.

Telemarketers have up to 31 days to remove your numbers from call lists.

If they continue, or you’re receiving them even if you’re on the registry, don’t answer calls from numbers you don’t recognize. If you pick up, immediately hang up.

Interaction with the caller “will probably lead to more unwanted calls,” the Federal Trade Commission states.

Make a note of the number and report it to consumercomplaints.fcc.gov/hc/en-us, complaints.donotcall.gov/complaint/complaintcheck.aspx or call 888-225-5322.

You might still receive calls from “political organizations, charities, telephone surveyors or companies with which a consumer has an existing business relationship,” the FTC states.

Q: I heard that a contestant won “Jeopardy!” with just $1 several years ago. If so, how did that happen?

—Frank Burnette, Decatur

A: Darryl Scott won a 1993 show with $1 after all three contestants missed the Final Jeopardy question.

Scott went into Final Jeopardy with $8,201 and a $1 lead over the second-place contestant, according to j-archive.com, a website that archives “Jeopardy!” shows and questions.

The other contestants wagered all their money and Scott bet all except for $1.

There have been two $1 winners on “Celebrity Jeopardy!.”

Actor Benjamin Salisbury won a 1997 episode and soccer player Brandi Chastain won in 2001.

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