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Q: I saw in a recent story that Cobb County is buying more park land. What part of everything that they are buying is included in that park bond that we voted for years ago?

—Ruth Fromm, Powder Springs

A: Cobb voters approved a $40 million parks bond referendum in 2008. But as the recession took hold, commissioners were reluctant to take on the added debt at that time, a county spokesman told Q&A on the News.

In 2017, the Cobb County Board of Commissioners passed the issuance of the parks bond. Because so much time had elapsed, per state law, the county was only able to issue $27.4 million of the original $40 million, the spokesman said.

After the bond vote, the staff began reviewing 113 potential sites after the board’s vote. Commissioners and staff visited about 14 sites and asked the county attorney to enter into negotiations with eight properties, according to the county.

The county purchased a 94-acre property off Burnt Hickory Road in November for $6.5 million and attorneys are in negotiations with owners of six other properties, for an estimated $6.8 million in total value.

In December, Cobb County commissioners approved the purchase of two sites — 1101 Veterans Memorial Highway and 6800 Henderson Road — that will form a park in south Cobb with more than 6 acres.

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