Supporters dedicate walks to Ahmaud Arbery on what would have been his 26th birthday

Ahmaud Arbery demonstration planned Friday

Ahmaud Arbery demonstration planned Friday

Ahmaud Arbery would have turned 26 Friday.

To honor Arbery, who was shot three times during a Feb. 23 confrontation with a Brunswick father and son, Travis McMichael, 34, and Greg McMichael, 64, people around the country are dedicating their daily jog or walk to him and posting about it on social media with the hashtags #RunWithMaud and #IRunWithMaud.

A video that has gone viral shows Arbery jogging and slowing down when approaching a pick-up truck, trying to loop around the truck before being engaged by the McMichaels. Another driver, William Bryan, took the video from behind Arbery. Thursday night, Travis and Greg McMichael were charged with murder and aggravated assault in the shooting death of Arbery, who was unarmed.

Lots of people chose to run or walk 2.23 miles, which corresponds with Feb. 23, the date Arbery was killed.

Many tried to find additional ways to honor Arbery, with one runner getting up at 2:23 a.m. to begin her jog, and one pausing to say a prayer at mile 2.23 before he continued running.

In addition to individuals or families honoring Arbery on their own, more formal walks and jogs have also been organized. On Friday, hundreds gathered for a rally outside the Glynn County courthouse Friday, and an #IRunWithMaud Dedication Walk hosted by two members of the Cobb County School Board is taking place at the Taylor-Brawner Park in Smyrna, with social distancing precautions a priority amid the coronavirus (participants are asked to wear a mask, keep six feet apart and stay home if experiencing illness).

The Action PAC has also organized a #RunWithMaud initiative.