Study: Hip-hop has fewer drug references than any other music genre

Think Migos and other rap artists mention molly and marijuana the most in their songs? Think again, because hip-hop has the least amount of drug references than any other music genre, according to a recent study.

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Using data from Songmeanings API, analyzed eight music categories to find out which one talks about narcotics the most.

Turns out it’s country, followed by jazz, pop, electronic and then rock.

Despite country tunes topping the list as a whole, "the number of drug references by artists shows hip-hop dominating the field."

So researchers did a bit more digging to find out the “top all-time druggies artists” and which drug has been sang about the most.

Hip-hop group Kottonmouth Kings has rapped about drugs the most with 440 references, and weed is brought up the most.

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Lastly,scientists found that while lyrics about substance abuse spiked between the 1970 and the mid-2000s, it has dropped overall every year since.