Where to find free internet in Georgia during the coronavirus

Georgians looking for free wireless internet access during the coronavuris can find it outside libraries, schools and at other public locations.

The state government put together a list of Wi-Fi locations across the state so residents can get online.

“High-speed internet is important for Georgians to continue receiving care, learning and teleworking while they follow guidelines for social distance,” said Gov. Brian Kemp.

While anyone can use these wireless internet services, the state government asked people to stay in their vehicles or keep at least six feet away from others. Those using internet services will need to bring their own computers, cellphones or tablets.

The Georgia Department of Community Affairs compiled the list of internet locations, made possible by internet providers and government agencies.

Wi-Fi sites across Georgia can be found at broadband.georgia.gov by clicking on the link labeled "Georgia Broadband COVID-19 Update."