Top staffers of Gov. Nathan Deal won’t get raises July 1

Many of Gov. Nathan Deal's top aides got hefty raises after he won re-election in 2014, but they won't benefit from the pay hikes being doled out to state employees and most teachers on July 1.

Deal’s chief of staff, Chris Riley, approved a pay raise plan for the administration’s staff that excludes raises for anyone making $125,000 or more. That means no raises for the governor’s top staff, at least some of whom were around to get 10 percent boosts less than two years ago.

The General Assembly approved a 3 percent increase in salary money, with agencies and school districts being told they could decide how to spend it. Larger raises were set aside for employees in jobs that have seen especially high turnover, such as public health nurses and prison guards.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that some districts weren't passing on the full 3 percent to teachers. Meanwhile, some department heads or the panels that govern their agencies are seeking big raises for top brass. The state ethics commission, for instance, is scheduled to vote later this month on a 10 percent raise for the panel's executive secretary.

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