The right is looking for an honest debate on guns

The way to keep our children safe is clear – shoring up our school security and getting better at spotting disturbed kids. Anything else is wasting time. A roundup of editorials Tuesday takes a look at the issue.
Opinions from the Right:
When hurting kids and parents have bad ideas: Addressing post-shooting activism
From Townhall: Make schools secure, and learn how to spot kids who are disturbed. Don't let raw emotion drive the discussion to other things.

We can't have a debate about guns If liberals keep lying about them
From The Federalist: A conversation about gun violence won't happen until gun-control advocates stop throwing out misleading statistics.

After the Florida shootings, here's a practical proposal to protect our children
From Newt Gingrich: We need to have trained teachers and administrators to complement uniformed police officers in our schools.