Stacey Abrams’ voting rights group continues to attract big money, has now raised about $20 million

The political action committee for Fair Fight, the voting rights group that Democrat Stacey Abrams started after losing the governor’s race in 2018, raised $1.2 million in January, continuing to outpace state political candidates and organizations.

The haul left the group, which advocates for fair elections, with almost $12 million in the bank, according to disclosures filed Friday.

Overall, the group has raised nearly $20 million since being formed in the wake of Abrams’ narrow loss to Gov. Brian Kemp.

The group filed a federal lawsuit in 2018 alleging widespread voting problems, including broken-down machines, long lines, inaccurate results, canceled absentee ballots and voter registrations that either had been canceled or had gone missing.

Abrams shifted $1 million from her campaign to the group after ending her bid to contest Kemp's election.

Presidential candidate and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg gave the group a boost just before Christmas, donating $5 million.

The biggest donor in January was Tulsa businesswoman and philanthropist Stacy Schusterman, who gave $500,000.

Almost all of the money from those who contributed $100 or more came from outside of Georgia. Fair Fight has received strong support from out-of-state donors, as did Abrams’ campaign.

The Fair Fight PAC also continued donating to Democratic candidates in Georgia in January, continuing a trend from 2019. The group gave nearly $100,000 to Georgia candidates last month.