See how Georgia lawmakers voted on anti-abortion ‘heartbeat’ bill



Last week, the Georgia House narrowly gave final approval to the controversial anti-abortion "heartbeat" bill that would outlaw the procedure in most cases at about six weeks.

The House voted 92-78 to approve House Bill 481. It takes 91 votes for a bill to pass in the House.

Gov. Brian Kemp is expected to sign the legislation sometime this month.

If the bill becomes law, it would be among the most restrictive in the country and abortion rights advocates have vowed to challenge the legislation in court.

Current Georgia law allows abortions up to 20 weeks.

The vote fell mostly along party lines, though six members bucked that trend.

Eight lawmakers were excused from voting or did not vote.

See the full list of the House members who voted for and against the legislation here.

The final approval came a week after the Georgia Senate's 34-18 party-line vote.

State Sen. Kay Kirkpatrick, a Marietta Republican and orthopedic hand surgeon, was excused from the chamber to attend a funeral. She has since said she would have voted against the measure. Three Democrats were also absent.

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