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Photo: Bob Andres/
Photo: Bob Andres/

Plan to create city of Eagle’s Landing heads to governor’s desk

Last-minute attempts to derail a proposal that would ask voters whether they want to carve out a section of Stockbridge to create the new city of Eagle’s Landing were unsuccessful.

The Georgia Senate approved Senate Bill 263, agreeing to changes made in the House earlier this week.

Eagle’s Landing supporters say cityhood is necessary so that residents can start a local government in Henry County with improved police, parks and other services.

But many Stockbridge residents say their city would lose nearly half its tax base and they could face tax increases as a result.

“We can debate whether it is the best decision for the citizens or the citizens can decide for themselves,” said state Sen. Brian Strickland, R-McDonough.

Stockbridge officials bused residents who opposed the move to the Capitol earlier this week.

Democrats tried to amend the bill on the floor, but Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle blocked the move, saying it was out of order.

If Gov. Nathan Deal signs the bill, residents within the borders of what would become Eagle’s Landing would vote this year on whether to incorporate.

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