How to find out if your Georgia voter registration is on hold

Georgia residents worried that they might not be registered to vote can check online to find out.

More than 53,000 voter registrations are on hold because of a state law requiring verification if the information on their registration applications doesn't exactly match driver's license or Social Security records.

And applications submitted on paper before Tuesday's voter registration deadline are still being processed. A record 6.9 million voters are now signed up to vote before the Nov. 6 election for Georgia governor between Democrat Stacey Abrams and Republican Brian Kemp.

To check whether you're registered to vote in Georgia, visit the state's My Voter Page at Once you enter your name, county and birth date, the website will show your voter information, precinct and sample ballots if you're registered.

Voters whose registrations are on hold will receive a message that they need to notify their county election office to verify their information.

Those voters whose registrations are pending can still participate in elections if they verify their information with a Georgia driver’s license or a state-issued photo ID when they go to vote. They can also mail identification information in advance.

For voters who recently mailed or submitted paper voter registration forms, it might take a few days before their information appears on the state’s My Voter Page. Registration applications submitted online have already been processed.

Georgia residents can also contact their county election offices to find out more information about their registration status. Contact information and addresses for county elections offices is available online at