2/15/18 - Atlanta - Rep. Jan Jones (center), R - Milton, the lone woman on the committee, recommends the adoption of the new policy to the Legislative Services Committee. Georgia legislators will be required to get training every other year on sexual harassment, according to a new policy passed by a committee vote Thursday. But harassment complaints would remain confidential, BOB ANDRES /BANDRES@AJC.COM
Photo: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Photo: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Georgia House votes to punish lobbyists for sexual harassment 

The Georgia House voted unanimously Wednesday to make lobbyists obey a new sexual harassment policy for conduct at the state Capitol.

Lobbyists would be required to sign an annual statement that they’ll comply with the sexual harassment policy, according to House Bill 973, which passed on a 171-0 vote.

Lobbyists who violate the harassment policy would face fines of up to $1,000 per violation and have their registration revoked by the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission.

Sexual harassment includes derogatory statements, sexually related comments, unwelcome advances, patting, pinching, intentionally brushing against someone’s body, making unwelcome visits to someone’s home or hotel room, or making sexually suggestive posts online, according to the policy.

The Legislative Services Committee already approved the policy to cover lawmakers and employees, but legislation was required for it to apply to lobbyists.

The bill now advances to the state Senate.

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Read the Georgia harassment policy

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