South Fulton starts work to fix dangerous intersection

Credit: Jim Gaines

Credit: Jim Gaines

South Fulton is starting road work that city officials and nearby residents hope will fix a dangerous intersection.

The corner of Campbellton Road and Stonewall Tell Road has seen 30 crashes, which included nine injuries, in the past three years, according to the city.

Two dozen people turned out in the frigid wind for Monday’s groundbreaking. Several area residents thanked council members for pushing the project, saying it has long been needed.

South Fulton Councilwoman Catherine Rowell said the surrounding community has asked for improvements to the intersection for several years. Councilwoman Carmalitha Gumbs said she has gotten multiple emails about it and personally seen crash scenes there.

Campbellton Road carries lots of truck traffic, while traffic turning onto Campbellton from Stonewall Tell is largely cars from nearby neighborhoods, South Fulton Public Works Director Antonio Valenzuela said. The current stop sign hasn’t been adequate to prevent accidents, he said.

Development is continuing along both roads, with a new subdivision going up soon across Campbellton Road from the Stonewall Tell intersection, meaning more traffic soon.

The $3.2 million project is one of several in South Fulton to be paid for with TSPLOST funds.

The work will cover about a third of a mile, adding left and right turn lanes on all approaches, four-way traffic signals, curbs and gutters, sidewalks, signs and streetlights.

The road will not be blocked during the work, Valenzuela said; the existing intersection won’t close until a realigned entrance to Stonewall Tell is finished.

Traffic signals should be installed this summer, with paving and striping done in October, and all work complete before the end of this year.