Report: Jury awards $3.7M to woman molested at dental clinic

A dental clinic must pay $3,7 million to a woman who was sexually molested by a nurse anesthetist in 2009, the Daily Report reported Wednesday.

The nurse anesthetist, Paul Patrick Serdula, is serving life in prison following his April 2011 conviction. He was not named as a defendant in the suit, which held the dental practice, Goldstein Garber & Salama, liable for the assault, according to the report.

The attorneys for the dental practice plan to appeal the ruling, the newspaper reported.

Serdula’s crimes were uncovered after a woman visiting a Cobb County dental office found a cellphone affixed to the underside of the bathroom sink. The lens of the cellphone camera was trained upon the commode.

Investigators then discovered video of Serdula sexually assaulting dental patients. He was arrested Nov. 18, 2009. He was found guilty on 34 charges during a bench trial April 11, 2011.

During his trial, prosecutors called Serdula a serial pervert who assaulted 19 patients, including one during childbirth.