Passenger allegedly stung by scorpion on flight to Atlanta

It’s not the first time a United Airlines passenger has encountered a scorpion on board

1. United Airlines Inc. is the world's third-largest airline by revenue. 2. It was founded 92 years ago as Varney Air Lines. 3. United operates in 60 countries, including 235 destinations. 4. United suspended its PetSafe program in 2018 after a dog died. 5. 2017 saw a viral video of a United passenger being violently removed from a plane. His injuries included a concussion, broken nose and broken teeth, for which he received an unknown settlement from United.

A United Airlines passenger says she was stung by a scorpion on a flight en route to Atlanta from San Francisco on Thursday morning.

According to TMZ, the passenger says she felt a stinging sensation on her leg. When it continued, she went to the bathroom and discovered the creature.

“The woman says that's when the scorpion dropped out of her pant leg, still alive, and scurried across the floor,” the tabloid reports. “It was eventually caught by flight attendants.”

United Airlines said in a statement Friday that upon landing in Atlanta, the woman was met by medical personnel and transported to a hospital.

"We have been in contact with our customer to ensure her well-being," the statement reads.

TMZ shared a picture of the critter that apparently hitched a ride to Atlanta.

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It's not clear how the additional cargo got on board the aircraft, but it's not the first time it has happened.

Back in 2017, following other controversies for the airline, there were two reported occurrences of scorpions on United flights.

In April 2017, a scorpion stung passenger Richard Bell on a United flight from Houston to Calgary when it fell from an overhead bin, according to CNBC.

A month later, a different flight was evacuated in Houston after a passenger spotted a scorpion crawl out of a fellow traveler's sleeve. It was determined he had not been stung.