Freezing fed worker pay a fiscal necessity, given deficit

What if you worked for a company whose CEO was constantly telling the employees that the company is doing great, he was the best CEO the company ever had and gave himself an A-plus grade? Then the CEO said that the employees would not get a raise this year because the company could not afford it. Make sense? Our lawmakers and the executive office need to pay attention to the deficit. The Congressional Budget Office is projecting a significant increase in the federal debt through 2028. Soon we are going to realize that we can’t afford our rapidly increasing debt and revenue needs to be increased, and/or spending needs to decrease.


No, Trump has not ‘taken care’ of U.S. veterans

On Saturday, Sept. 1, while watching the memorial for John McCain, a CBS moderator slid in a comment stating that President Trump “took care of the veterans.” President Trump made a similar statement at this year’s State of the Union speech. Shortly after that speech, I learned, as did a great many other retired military personnel, our co-pay for generic medicines was jumping from zero to $7 a prescription. Though that may not seem like a lot to the non-military population, we served 20 years or more in arduous conditions to earn our promised “free” medical care. This $7 hike is one more example of how the Department of Defense is saving money with President Trump’s approval. Would your readers consider this medication cost increase to be how President Trump is taking care of this country’s veterans?


Taxpayers shouldn’t foot bill for Bottoms’ open-borders stance

As if to underline liberals’ mindlessness on our national illegal immigration crisis, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has ended the city’s association with ICE on detention of illegal aliens awaiting deportation.

The city will now lose about $7.5 million in annual revenue from the feds. “It is a significant financial hit to our budget,” says Bottoms. “That shows how strongly the city of Atlanta feels about the position as it relates to ICE.” She also proudly uses taxpayer funds to support the victims of borders with legal defense in the same deportation proceedings.

Now illegal aliens who are captured here will be held in South Georgia - separated from any metro-area families by a far greater distance. “Atlanta will no longer be complicit in a policy that intentionally inflicts misery on a vulnerable population,” said the mayor.

Bottoms says she objects to the Trump doctrine of border security – even for illegal crossers who use children as shields. But it’s not clear if she understands that ICE is not involved in enforcement at the border.

It looks like Bottoms simply objects to borders and is willing to prove it with other people’s money.


Kavanaugh would wrongly roll back clock on issues

Brett Kavanaugh believes a sitting president should not be the subject to civil or criminal investigations, and he has other troubling views on presidential power. Kavanaugh has routinely ruled against the rights of workers and is mostly in favor of corporations. Despite recently acknowledging it as “settled law,” Kavanaugh has expressed his opposition to a woman’s right to choose and would likely upend Roe vs. Wade if given an opportunity. Kavanaugh has sought to undermine health care and has expressed disapproval of the Affordable Care Act. We do not need a person who would be so harmful to the working and poor people of our country. Kavanaugh has routinely eroded environmental protection – instead preferring to rule in favor of corporations and against the Environmental Protection Agency. Confirming Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court would roll back the clock on rulings that protect women, people of color, workers and the LGBTQ community.