Conceding gracefully is Abrams’ best move

I have been following closely the chaos surrounding the recent election for governor. It seems to me Stacey Abrams’ best path forward is to gracefully concede the race and begin preparing to run for another office, such as senator. With all the suspicious actively going on in the Florida governor’s and senate races, if in the unlikely event Abrams erases Brian Kemp’s considerable lead, her election would never be considered legitimate outside the five or six urban areas where a large majority of her votes were cast. Further, by continuing her lawsuits to delay certification of the election results, Abrams would seem to this reader to be alienating the moderate Republicans and independents she needs to get elected in this state, and thus diminishing her chance of ever winning any statewide election.


Global trade’s brought prosperity to U.S.

There may be times going to war is unavoidable. However, most agree you never really win a war, and it’s not the best way to resolve problems. There is overwhelming data a trade war negatively impacts American jobs, but for some reason, Trump supporters do not care. They relish seeing Trump as the aggressor who will put China in its place. China indeed has intellectual property violations that need to be addressed, but it is not the root cause for the trade imbalance. China out-competed the U.S. in manufacturing decades ago. The “Buy American” campaigns beginning in the 1980s were unsuccessful, as people voted with their dollars to purchase less expensive imported goods. However, American innovation can still be supported when we purchase products like the iPhone, even if they are manufactured in China. Global trade is the mechanism that provides prosperity to Americans and the world.