Liberals not only reason Amazon HQ2 is long shot

Let’s list the reasons why Atlanta will never get Amazon: corrupt and disorganized city government; one of the worst school systems in the country; bad infrastructure for transportation, and horrible traffic problems. Then there is the possibility of Casey Cagle becoming governor – someone who punishes or does favors for a business because of its political views. Delta will vouch for the fact Cagle does not create a good business environment. I am a Republican and have ties to Southwest Airlines, but Delta, which creates so many jobs, should not have been penalized for choosing who gets discounts. There are a couple of positives. Georgia Tech would produce the type of graduates Amazon needs (I hate to admit it as I am a UGA grad). Then there is the AJC. Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post, and the AJC could be his own “mini me” left-wing publication right here in Georgia.


Make America good again is a better national slogan

Having contemplated the slogan “MAGA” (“Make America Great Again”) for about two years, and having kept up with the news during that period, I would like to propose a modification to that acronym. But first, I will quote a few headlines in the Sunday, May 20, AJC that specifically concern our country or state: “When inmates die: State’s jails fail the mentally ill”; “Students recount horror of massacre”; “U.S. spends less on children than some developed countries.” There is no one best or worst country, just gradations in between. Back to MAGA: It begs the question whether the U.S. is, was or can be “great.” I propose the word “Good” be substituted for “Great.” Great implies power, wealth, prominence and status; good implies kindness, generosity, morality and understanding. I wish America would become good again, and wisely use its greatness in the service of its goodness.