Readers Write: March 21

Rallies too dangerous for protests

Protests inside political rallies pose a great danger to public safety. The media, Republicans, and Democrats must unite to dissuade the protesters from protesting there. The protests have already resulted in injuries to protesters and attendees, and these have been discussed across the media. The greatest potential danger, however, has not been addressed. One must consider what would happen if panic were to erupt and everyone rushed to the exits. With thousands of people in a small space running to leave the event, individuals (including children, the elderly, and the disabled) would likely get trampled. First, candidates should designate an area outside the political rally for the protesters. The protesters’ right to free speech and assembly must be preserved (but done in a way so as not to cause danger). Second, one must educate the protesters and their backers of the dangers of their actions. Third, law enforcement must act strongly and swiftly against any protesters inside the rally before any harm results. Fourth, protesters must be prosecuted. They must be punished, and potential protesters must be deterred. Public safety demands that America takes these actions.


Legislators’ misconduct met with silence

It seems our state Capitol is more of a tool for personal and special interests than a service for Georgia’s citizens. To blatantly use the law to ensure a guaranteed income is impudent. If we have legislators that think it is reasonable to assure themselves “a living,” why stop there? Just write a law to guarantee everyone “a living.” No, wait, that would be absurd. By some studies, Georgia’s state government ranks near the top nationally for ethical misconduct, but that reputation doesn’t seem to weigh very heavily on the consciences of everyone under the dome. Maybe they have none.