Trump far better than crooked Hillary

Regarding Jay Bookman’s column, “Has reality become an outmoded concept?” (Opinion, Feb. 25), Bookman bemoans the “fact” evangelical conservatives generally support President Donald Trump, even though he is likely unfaithful to his wife and has many, many other gross moral flaws. I am a Christian evangelical conservative, and I voted for Trump. I still stand by that vote. Trump has turned out to be pretty much what I expected: an enormously worldly, sinful person, without much hint of spirituality. Further, he is very untruthful, and probably has some political skeletons in his closet. So, why did I vote for him? First, as repugnant as Trump is, the only realistic alternative our political system gave us, Crooked Queen Hillary, is about six times more repulsive, deceitful, sinful and corrupt. Second, had the Crooked Queen been elected, the mainstream media, being much more concerned about pushing their socialist/communist agenda than they are about truthfully reporting the news, would have given her an enormous amount of journalistic cover to pursue her stunningly crooked lifestyle.


Delta’s not the coward in this spat

How strange to hear the NRA accusing Delta Air Lines and others of cowardice for discontinuing its support of the NRA by offering members discounts and special benefits. I always thought the cowards were those who pandered to the NRA in such ways, and the politicians who were so afraid to cross it that they could barely muster “thoughts and prayers” for the many victims of gun violence. How silly of me. I guess I’ll never get used to those on the right who so unapologetically hurl insults like this, as did our president, when he made fun of those who served in Vietnam while piously and proudly pointing to his “courage” — supposedly nursing his deferment-supported bone spurs.