Readers Write: June 8

GDOT know-how to alleviate congestion

Of the three guest columns about the I-85 collapse on May 21, the column by the GDOT commissioner, Russell McMurry, illustrates that he now carries the torch for metro Atlanta’s future. Commissioner McMurry, his crack staff and world-class contractors, have shown that, with proper funding and political support, amazing things can be accomplished.

Since metro Atlanta spreads out 50 miles in all directions, heavy rail is not the way to efficiently manage congestion in the region. The metro area will add 2 million people in the next 25 years, and most of the growth will occur in the major submarkets to the northwest, north and northeast. For example, huge growth is expected in Forsyth County. Downtown and midtown will not become like Manhattan. Downtown is simply another submarket like all the other submarkets. Spending billions to build enough heavy rail to serve all spread-out people is not cost-effective and not efficient.

Using the gas tax and federal infrastructure spending, the GDOT can complete the network of express bus/vanpool toll lanes adjacent to crowded highways throughout the 100-mile diameter region. This will provide all citizens with a convenient, cost-effective alternative to congestion. Based on the GDOT’s sparkling performance last month, their motto going forward for metro Atlanta should be “We can fix that.”


Sixth district campaigns turn to mud-slinging

Like many residents of Atlanta, I am so sick of the constant political ads run by both Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel. Enough. While early in their respective campaigns, focus was on the issues. Now, the campaign is nothing more than mud-slinging at its worst. America is supposed to be an example to the rest of the world on how elections should be held? Yeah, right.