Readers Write: Jan. 2

Obama has diabolical agenda for Cuba

Whether intentional or not, Barack Obama’s legacy can be captured in photographs of the suffering people the world over. Refugees pouring out of one Middle Eastern country after the other, illegals crossing by the hundreds a day across our southern border, Venezuela a snake pit of corruption.

Now Cubans who have been oppressed for generations while existing on scarce supplies of food as a rule, are going hungry to feed the voracious tourist industry. I weep to hear about mothers unable to buy a tomato or an onion or an avocado.

What kind of deal did Obama make with the Castro devils? Any president who would present himself and our great country as so weak and toothless the world over must have a diabolical agenda. Maybe the plan for Cuba is to starve the populace into fleeing to U. S. shores too. Those peasants are just a drain on resources anyway.


Gov’t. should not be run like a business

People who hope President-elect Trump will usher in sound business practices to government need to understand that our government and a business are different.

A business exists is to make a profit for its owners. It’s run by a chief executive officer who rules and whose decisions have the force of law. People beneath him typically aren’t free to openly oppose him.

Our republic’s purpose is to aid and defend its citizens. The President doesn’t rule. He must share power with Congress and the Judiciary whether he wants to or not, and people are free to oppose him whether he likes it or not.

Our government is slow and inefficient by design. Our founders so feared tyranny from a despot or a mob that they created a brilliant system of checks and balances to keep any one entity from having too much power for long.