Readers Write: Jan. 27

U.S. needs other nations to give back

The pundit class is all aflutter over the President’s “America First” pronouncements. I think his expressions were merely a version of that great challenge of President Kennedy to “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Maybe it is indeed time for a little less of asking what America can do for other countries and a little more of what other countries can do with America.


We are all consumers of health care

I read “The making of a Trump Voter” from Jan. 17 and I find that, while I disagree with her, Nancy Gallegos has every right to feel the way she does and vote her conscience. I do take issue with her hatred of Obamacare. Gallegos is welcome to object to her tax. I object to a lot of my taxes and their uses, but I still have to pay them. But I would like to remind her that there are many of us in the country who depend on Obamacare. I am speaking for those that have disabled children or relatives with mental illness or friends that have gone through rigorous cancer treatment or have heart disease or diabetes. These people would be uninsurable were it not for Obamacare. Gallegos objects having to pay for a system she may or may not use. I pay for lots of things I may not use: mortgage insurance and fire insurance are two. If she has a loan on her car — I guarantee you she has auto insurance that she may never use (but I doubt it). She may live and pay off her mortgage, she might never lose her home to a fire but I can guarantee that sometime in her life, she or someone she is very close to will be a consumer of health care. Like death, sometimes misfortune comes on you with no preparation.

I pray that Trump will not destroy this benefit for my family’s sake. She can do what she wants because she is healthy but there are those of us who don’t have a choice.