Who’s responsible for bike lanes plan?

The proposal to add bicycle lanes to Peachtree was doomed from the beginning. No one with any sense of reality could have seriously believed that the public would stand for it. So now let’s ask, how much money was wasted in planning and presenting this silly proposal? Is there nobody in the department that proposed it who was smart enough to say “Wait a minute, you can’t be serious about this?” Public money and effort was wasted because of this incompetence. Who was responsible? And why are they not being held responsible for it?


Give residents explanation — and credit

We moved from Atlanta to Smyrna five years ago and were surprised that our new city didn’t accept glass for recycling. However, I don’t recall the feeling of confusion discussed in the AJC article “Residents’ glass for recycling gets dumped.” It’s a little insulting that some metro Atlanta counties think their residents would be confused if they no longer accepted glass. The more likely outcome is residents would begin placing glass in their trash cans instead of their recycle bins, just as we did when we moved to Smyrna. It’s pretty simple and requires just two things: explaining the situation to residents and giving them a little credit that they’ll work it out.


Pitts’ one-sided blame game

You got to admire Leonard Pitts Jr. for his skill at deflecting cause-and-effect with his own rhetorical racist rantings. He voices concerns over the lack of outrage that should be focused on the killings of young black kids by black adults. But he uses his twisted logic to lay blame on the NRA, politicians, black unemployment and disinvestment in cities (I guess he is referring to black-populated inner cities). However, he refuses to place the blame on the black perpetrators of these crimes, the black culture of violence, the failure of black families to teach their children the necessary social skills and ethics that don’t result in ‘gangsta’ mentality. Pitts is apparently blinded by the criminal acts of a small fraction of police officers against blacks that he fails to grasp the carnage created by black-on-black crime and killings. Chicago and Baltimore have had more black-on-black murders this year that far outnumber police-on-black killings. Where is Pitts’ outrage over those numbers? Oh, wait! That’s because it’s not a black-on-black problem. The individuals who commit these crimes are not responsible for their actions. The responsible parties are the ones previously mentioned.