South Florida police offer free 'Cane Fu' self-defense class for seniors

Police in a South Florida city will teach local senior citizens how to defend themselves with their canes and walkers during a free, nine-week “Cane Fu” course that begins Jan. 17.

The weekly "Cane Fu" self-defense class sponsored by the Boca Raton Police Department will teach senior citizens observation skills, how to avoid confrontation, the right way to respond to a suspicious or dangerous situation and — as the name implies — how to use a walking stick or cane for self-defense when necessary.

"All of our participants see improvements in balance, mobility, strength and most of all their confidence," Officer Gwynne Friters said in a video highlighting course released by the police department last year.
The cane self-defense skills that will be taught include strikes, jabs and blocks, founded on martial arts principles.
Boca Raton Police teach "Cane Fu" to seniors

Officers from the Boca Raton Police Services Department Crime Prevention Unit will be conducting a FREE, 9-week Senior Self-Defense class using canes to learn fundamental defensive tactics.  “Cane Fu” takes place in the auditorium of the Police/Fire Training Facility at 6500 Congress Ave in Boca Raton from 9:30AM-10:30AM beginning Monday January 25, 2016.  Participants will develop skills to help them decrease the odds of being targeted, and prepare them for what to do in the event they are attacked.
Officers will guide participants through the proper steps of complying, using one's voice under stress to summon help, and ultimately defending themselves if necessary.  
Participants will benefit from improved endurance, mobility, balance, and physical strength, as well as heightened observational skills.  All members of our community, especially seniors, are invited to attend Cane Fu.  People of all activity levels can participate, but you must be able to stand.  All participants will receive a Certificate of Completion at the conclusion of the course.
Please register for Cane Fu by contacting the Crime Prevention Hotline at 561-347-3938 by Wednesday January 20, 2016.  Please bring your cane to class, if you have one!
Classes are planned for:Jan 25Feb 1Feb 8Feb 15 Holiday No ClassFeb 22Feb 29Mar 7Mar 14Mar 21 No ClassMar 28Apr 4th

Posted by Boca Raton Police Services Department on Thursday, January 21, 2016