Should Amazon be childproofed? California lawmaker thinks so

Kids aren’t supposed to be able to shop on online retail giant Amazon’s site, but parents are saying the company it’s not doing enough to keep children from buying items they shouldn’t be.

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Now California lawmakers are telling Amazon officials that they should prevent children from buying items like BB guns or knives, KCRA reported.

Alan Ercolini's 14-year-old son was able to buy the weapons without age verification, KCRA reported. His son set up his account with a gift card. California law prohibits stores from selling children BB guns. The site, however, assumes the person buying anything on Amazon is an adult, according to the TV station's investigation.

California Assemblyman Ed Chau, (D- Monterey Park) is already taking steps to change the law. He has introduced a bill that prohibits children from applying and getting any online account that requires a password, KCRA reported.

Amazon told the television station that it indicates when products can't be sold in some states, but it doesn't have age restrictions on items sold, KCRA reported.