A huge snake found living in a family’s toilet is enough to make anyone run for the hills


It's no wonder why one Australian family was nowhere to be found when Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catchers showed up at the home to remove a venomous brown tree snake taking up residence under the ring of their toilet bowl.

The mere sight of this thing is enough to make anyone run for the hills.

Admit it, you’re squeezing those cheeks a little tighter now that the thought of a snake lurking under you has been burned into your mind.

These snake catchers did the world a service and disservice when they streamed this snake removal operation on Facebook Live. How this snake catcher reached into the toilet to grab this snake while also asking, "Can you imagine waking up early in the morning, sitting on the toilet and then this pops up between your legs?," is beyond our comprehension.

“I’m going to have to stick my hand in there and hope he doesn’t bite,” he said. “Here’s the sharp end, he’s going to come out swinging.”

All told, it took a solid three minutes to remove the brown tree snake from the bowl. After that it, it was put into a bag.