10 cars stolen within 3 weeks at RaceTrac gas station


10 cars stolen within 3 weeks at RaceTrac gas station

Police are investigating 10 stolen car cases that happened in less than a month at the same Atlanta area gas station.

They say crooks are sliding into cars and stealing them from drivers who aren't paying attention at a RaceTrac gas station in East Point.

Police said they are asking everyone who fills up to not only keep their keys with them at all times, but to watch out for their neighbors while pumping.

“They jumped in the car while she was standing here," said customer Shatara James.

Police call it sliding and say that's how a group of car thieves have been able to steal 10 cars in just three weeks from the gas station.

That's exactly what happened to Janet Adolphus on Friday.

In surveillance video you can see the mom get out of her car to get gas. While she's pumping, a man opens the door, slips in and then drives off with her four-year-old daughter Sky in the backseat.

“My biggest nightmare… this is the biggest fear you can have,” Adolphus said about the incident.

Police recovered Adolphus' car five miles away. Her daughter Sky was scared, but unharmed. The thief got away.

“These are really crimes of opportunity that take place in a very short amount of time," said Capt. Cliff Chandler of the East Point Police Department.

Monday night East Point police officers were at the gas station keeping a watchful eye on the pumps. Security also stood guard, but police are asking customers to be vigilant.

“Just keep an extra eye, take your keys, keep an eye out on your neighbor or everyone to help in this fight with us," Chandler said.

Police say the car theft Friday could be related to a bigger group of thieves stealing cars from the south side of town and then driving to the north end of the perimeter where they're breaking into cars.

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