Bees infest roof of Texas woman’s home

A Texas woman’s request to have her roof fixed has not been a sweet deal so far. In fact, it has turned into a sticky situation.

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Latanja Levine told KIAH that the job was halted because of bees — almost 50,000 of them — that were swarming in the spaces above her two-story home near Houston. The bees' handiwork was evident, too: Honey was dripping down the walls of the home, forming syrupy puddles on the floor.

"It's coming in from the ceiling, down to the walls," Leveine told KIAH. "I'm mopping it up, mopping in the walls. It's all over the curtains here— just honey. They're probably ruined.”

Levine had no idea the home had a bee problem until roofers notified her, USA Today reported.

“They smoked them out and put them directly into their colonies. There must've been 50,000 bees,” Lee said, adding that “I asked them if they got the queen bee, and they said, ‘No.’”