Monster truck plows into crowd in Mexico, killing 8

WARNING: Graphic video (above)

A tragic ending to a monster truck show in Chihuahua, Mexico Saturday night — at least eight people were killed, including a child and dozens of others were seriously injured. We have video of the accident, but a warning it is graphic.

You can see where the truck jumps a crushed car and then plows straight into the crowd. (Screaming) (Via Youtube / Limpix)

"Officials there are suggesting that the driver somehow hit his head on the roof of the truck, knocked unconscious potentially, certainly disoriented. Eyewitnesses report saying they say the helmet knocked off the driver at some point." (Via CBC)

That's what authorities believe at this time, but the city's mayor has ordered further investigation into the incident.Some reports claim as many as 80 people were hurt and more than 40 remain in the hospital. (Via The Times)

The local health system posted a message on its Facebook page sending out an urgent request for blood donations to help those that were injured. (Via Facebook / Pensiones Civiles del Estado de Chihuahua)

As far as the safety precautions taken at the show — there were virtually none. The show wasn't in a stadium and there were no barricades protecting the audience. (Via BBC)

This comes just weeks after another incident in Mexico where a monster truck came just inches away from a barricade blocking the audience. (Via Youtube / Alejandro Gutierrez)

As for this most recent incident, authorities are also looking into the possibility that mechanical failures could be to blame.