It was game day at Turner Field and Robert Bryant was making his rounds at the stadium, when longtime usher Walter Banks told him to follow. He wanted to introduce him to someone.

Bryant, who is the lead supervisor for the Atlanta Braves’ usher department, followed Banks to a room, where he would get to meet former President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn.

“I had an opportunity to have that introduction, engage with them briefly,” Bryant said. “It was just a very special moment to me personally, to actually have the opportunity to meet a president of the United States.”

Bryant went to church this Sunday before heading down to the Carter Center to reflect and pay his respects after it was announced Carter has been placed in hospice care at his home in Plains. Bryant said the one-time meeting was also special because he actually voted for Carter during the 1976 presidential election.

“I actually was a college student and eligible to vote the first time as a registered voter and he received my vote,” said Bryant, whose son attended Sunday school at Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains. “He impressed me to the extent that he earned my vote.”

At Ebenezer Baptist Church on Sunday, the Rev. John Vaughn recognized Carter’s grandson, Jason, in the crowd and spoke briefly about President Carter. Vaughn said Carter would often stream Sunday service from the historic Atlanta church at his home in Plains.

“You should know that President Carter streams Ebenezer every Sunday, so President Carter, if you are streaming this day, know that our prayers are with you, we love you and hang in there,” Vaughn said.

In a statement, The Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change and Bernice King said they are praying for Carter and his family.

“I consider him a friend as did my mother, Mrs. Coretta Scott King, and my grandfather, Dr. Martin Luther King Sr.,” King said in a statement. “Former President Carter’s love and compassion for all people set him apart as a leader, servant and simply a great man striving to achieve a Beloved Community.”

Maria Jones visited the Carter Center on Sunday with her mother. She said Carter was a leader by example just through his commitment to service.

“I think he has lived a life full of service, not just to Atlanta but to the world. It’s very admirable that he has continued his service well into his 90s and stayed committed to his journey,” Jones said.

She is glad Carter will be surrounded by loved ones as he enters the final stages of his remarkable life.

“I’m happy that he is able to live his final days with his family and loved ones. We all have to transition into time, but I’m grateful he was able to live a full and meaningful life,” she said.

Bryant said his father had a similar situation in which he was placed on hospice care at home before his death. He said going to the Carter Center allowed him to reflect and empathize with what the Carter family is going through.

“It resonated with me in a very reflective type of way,” Bryant said.

For Bryant, Carter has been the embodiment of a servant leader.

“He probably has shown the embodiment of being the greatest steward of humanity our generation has ever seen, not only in what he did as president, more so beyond his presidency, he continued to be a humanitarian for peace,” he said.

How to send messages to President Carter and his family

Those wishing to send messages to President Carter and his family can do so through The Carter Center at