Metro Atlanta man plans to open first-of-its-kind sanctuary for pit bulls, pit bull mixes

A Paulding County man seeks to right the wrongs in the perception of pit bulls.

Jason Flatt is an advocate for pit bulls. So much so that he's building a halfway house on 46 acres in Paulding County to create a first-of-its-kind shelter for pit bulls and pit bull mix breed dogs, he told Channel 2 Action News. His organization Friends to the Forlorn currently offers pit bull adoptions and fosters pit bulls.

Throughout Flatt's home, there are kennels for his own pets and pets he will eventually provide a refuge. Flatt said he refuses to "give up on dogs." Though some associate pit bulls with deadly attacks and injuries, the risk rates for pit bull-type dogs are in line with other strong breed dogs, according to data collected by the CDC and published in the American Veterinary Medical Association.

"Everybody assumes these dogs are like these baby-killing monsters. Pit bulls have a problem, a big problem, in every major city. Every pound is full of them and there's not enough rescues to take them," Flatt told the news station.

At his Dallas home, Flatt plans to build a 4-foot run, which would be a mix of open and covered space on concrete and grass. There will also be a vet area, indoor play area and pool for dogs.

"What we are looking to do is build the world's first pit bull facility, like an actual state-of-the-art facility for these animals," Flatt said.

Donations helped Flatt purchase the remote area in Paulding County, and he said he will continue to raise funds to build his vision for the sanctuary.

"Every one of them has a story. The stories don't matter. It's the endings that we look to change," Flatt said.

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