Zoo Atlanta finds missing Timor python

After leaving its private cage in Zoo Atlanta’s Conservation Breeding Center, a Timor python was found Sunday morning abot 10 a.m., officials said.

The 5 to 6-foot, non-venomous snake is a semi-arboreal species native to southeast Asia and is described as non-aggressive and shy, Zoo Atlanta spokeswoman Rachel Davis said in a statement.

“Timor pythons typically feed on birds and small mammals and do not pose a hazard to humans or domestic pets,” Davis said. “This animal is unlikely to eat anything heavier than 2 pounds in weight.”

The snake is one to two inches in diameter, and weighs approximately 3 kilograms. It has a yellow and dark-brown patterned skin.

Officials encourage people not to approach or try to capture any Georgia native snakes.

“It should be considered a wild animal,” Davis said about the formerly missing python.