Yes, you can get a DUI driving a golf cart, N. Fulton police say

PHOTO: Johns Creek Police

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PHOTO: Johns Creek Police

Perhaps after having a few drinks you’ve thought about avoiding a DUI by using an alternative form of transportation.

Instead of driving your car, calling an Uber or walking, maybe you had the bright idea of hopping on a bicycle or even a golf cart.

As it turns out, you can get a DUI on those too, as one police department in north Fulton County recently noted in a Facebook post.

Golf carts are becoming more popular in Johns Creek and police are frequently asked the DUI rules about them.

To operate a golf cart in Georgia, the driver does need a valid driver’s license.

“This means you can get a DUI if you were driving home from the neighborhood clubhouse after having too many drinks,” Johns Creek police wrote in the post. “This also means your kids are not supposed to drive the golf cart on the road because they're not valid drivers.”

And yes, you can get a DUI on a bike too, because in Georgia bicycles are treated as vehicles, just like a car, truck or golf cart.

For more information on golf cart rules, visit the Johns Creek Police Department's Facebook page.

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