Woodstock extends moratorium on rental apartments

The Woodstock City Council has approved a 30-day extension, until Dec. 12, of its emergency moratorium on accepting proposals for multi-family rental projects while city officials and staff review the current imbalance of apartments.

Woodstock imposed a 90-day moratorium, which expired Nov. 14, after determining its 3,377 rental units accounted for 21.4 percent of the city’s housing stock. Official policy limits the proportion of rentals to 20 percent.

According to the moratorium ordinance, the city will not accept public hearing applications, land development (site) plans for land disturbance permits, building plans, building permit applications, proposed site or building concepts, renderings or drawings for review, if they’re for multi-family rental projects.

The ordinance says it purpose is to provide the opportunity “to thoroughly review the residential-multi-family rental use with regard to the proximity of adequate transportation, land use, neighborhood compatibility and the availability of public services for the community.”