Woodstock, developer agree on water, sewer lines

The Woodstock City Council has approved an agreement with a developer on expanding water and sewer service on the east side of town.

The city seeks to extend water/sewer connectivity from Trickum Road, north along Gunnin Road, through the proposed “Evelyn” development, and on across Neese Road, according to a staff report to the council.

Meritage Homes of Georgia Inc. wants to access water for the east and west sides of its Evelyn project, along both Gunnin and Neese roads, according to the agreement.

The city will extend a water main from Trickum and Gunnin to the entrance to Evelyn off Gunnin; and Meritage will upgrade the wastewater pump station in its project, and upsize the wastewater force main from the pump station to a wastewater discharge point on the west side of Neese, the agreement says.

A Meritage website says Evelyn Farms will be a "ranch plan" community with a sales office at 401 Gunnin Road. Information: http://bit.ly/2EBagfb