Woman wins lottery for third time; grandma wins $2 million

They didn't win the Powerball Wednesday night, but one Fayetteville woman won a lottery game for the third time and a Gainesville grandma won $2 million playing the instant Super Millions game.

Esther Kelechi, of  Fayettville, won a $20,000 prize after being selected as the latest winner in the$3 Million Taxes Paid Extra Chance Drawing on Aug 3. This is her third win in four years, and her second in two months.

Kelechi, 50, was selected in the Maximum Green Extra Change Drawing for the month of  June, winning $10,000.

In 2008, she won $1 million on an instant ticket.

Grandmother of 10, Kathy Crawford, of Gainesville, won $2 million playing the instant game Super Millions. Crawford, 53, is mother of three and works as a private sitter for the elderly.

"All I can do is laugh," she said. "I haven't slept since."