With phone app, DeKalb man watches intruder creeping in his home

The homeowners say they were stunned to see the video just weeks after moving in.

Helny Roblero got a notification on his phone while at work. He opened an app and watched live as a strange man crept through his home in the Belvedere Park area of DeKalb County.

The burglar had broken down the back door last Friday and stole an iMac computer, tablet, mouse and a couple of sweaters, Roblero and his wife told Channel 2 Action News.

“It’s surreal because you don’t know if you’re dreaming,” he said.

Roblero said he used the surveillance system’s voice function to yell at the man.

“Hey, leave my stuff alone.” the homeowner shouted, uselessly.

Roblero said there were important documents on the computer, including projects for his work portfolio and his wife’s immigration papers.

Police are investigating, Channel 2 reported.

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