Why doesn’t Lawrenceville accept glass recycling anymore?

DeKalb County also no longer accepts glass in the curbside recycling program.

DeKalb County also no longer accepts glass in the curbside recycling program.

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Reader KellyMarie asks:

Why has Lawrenceville stopped recycling glass?

Lawrenceville residents have not been able to recycle glass through the city’s pickup service since 2016. The service stopped when the company the city uses, Latham Home Sanitation, stopped accepting glass.

Separate glass recycling as a whole has become less common because it is more expensive than recycling other materials, and new glass products are cheaper to make than ones using recycled glass. Lawrenceville has a list of approved items for recycling.

There is one recycling center in Gwinnett County where you can bring your glass: Snellville Recycling Center on Marigold Road. They accept color-separated glass bottles and jars. There are also some facilities in Atlanta and the metro area. Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful has a guide for recycling any items you may have questions about.

You don’t have to recycle or throw out your empty bottles or jars, though. They can also be used for storage and crafts — just make sure you’ve cleaned the last drops of wine or pickle juice out first.

Correction (8/22/17): This story initially misstated the availability of glass recycling at Gwinnett County facilities. 

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In other news:

The new station will be about 40 percent bigger, hold more trucks, hold more equipment and provide better service.