When will Atlanta airport be ‘back to normal’? Depends on your airline

The FAA said shortly before noon that operations at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport should be “back to normal” by midday Monday. But what “normal” means and when exactly the airport will get there depends on your airline, according to the agency.

The world's busiest airport lost power Sunday, causing the cancellation of more than 1,100 flights.

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ExploreAtlanta airport outage: Live updates, flight status, wait times

The FAA doesn’t issue a blanket declaration about whether the airport is operating at a normal level. Rather, each airline says whether or not it is at normal operations. For most, that means that flights scheduled for the rest of the day are on time.

American Airlines said it was operating normally on Monday, meaning passengers scheduled for future flights don’t need to worry about their trips being cancelled or delayed due to the power outage, which ended around midnight Sunday.

Unfortunately for stranded passengers, the “normal” designation does not apply to previously canceled flights.

You can find a list of the air carriers that operate at Hartsfield-Jackson, including contact information to learn about flight statuses and whether the airline is operating normally, in the AJC's airport outage FAQs.

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