What is Amazon’s ‘Treasure Truck’ and how do you find it in Atlanta?

As Amazon continues to diversify its business far beyond online shopping, Atlanta consumers are able to take advantage of its new ventures.

One of these business ideas is Amazon's "Treasure Truck," a mobile service with random "offer days" that allows shoppers to pick up an item from nearby locations. The concept started in Seattle and now serves 10 other cities, including Atlanta.

Examples of the kinds of products offered include clothing, technology and food. In the past, the company has offered GoPros at 64 percent off and free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

On Friday, Atlanta shoppers were able to pick up burger boxes with eight half-pound patties, buns and cheese for $35.

To get notifications about any given day’s offer, shoppers can text “truck” to 24193 or download the Amazon app. Pickup locations and times will be listed, and each person can only buy one item per day.

Other recent ventures from the Seattle-based company include the acquisition of Whole Foods, and Instant Pickup, which lets Prime members pick up things like snacks, cold drinks or phone chargers within two minutes of ordering them online.

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