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WATCH: Man parachutes off Cobb cell tower, cops show up seconds after

Acworth cops were at a nearby Chevron when they saw a parachute floating through the sky. They rushed over to meet the daredevil and eventually arrested him and another parachutist.

It’s an unceremonious “3, 2, 1” and then the man attached to the GoPro begins his 300-foot descent.

After a few seconds in the air, he lets out a “yep” with the tone of “yep, I really just jumped off a cell tower with a parachute” because that’s exactly what Acworth police said they saw him do.

The man sees piles of snow as he scans the scene.

About 10 seconds after landing in a parking lot, he sees cops driving toward him.

He lets out a bummed “Oh, no.”

That’s all shown in the video Acworth police released to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Monday.

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The Jan. 18 video comes from the arrests of Brian Sims, of Savannah, and Stephen Ahlquist, of Lilburn, on trespassing charges.

A police report explains that the cops were standing outside a Chevron when they saw the parachute floating through the sky.

They drove over to find Sims having just landed. When they asked him for his driver’s license, he said, “The best feeling in the world followed by the worst feeling in the world,” according to the report.

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Soon after the cops got there, Ahlquist made his jump but landed elsewhere. He remained hidden until Sims called him to say the cops had a K-9 with them.

The report only mentioned that Sims was wearing a GoPro.

Both men bonded out for $1,320 after a few hours in Cobb jail.

Upcoming court dates for Sims and Ahlquist were not listed in the Cobb magistrate court database.

Read more about the arrests here.

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