VIDEO: Here’s what happens when you eat too much protein

Is there a such thing as too much protein? Some experts think so.

With the booming protein supplement market and the constant promotion of a high-protein, low-carb diet to lose weight, the craze is only gaining popularity.

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However, studies show that having too much protein can dehydrate you and actually reduce the calcium in your body.

Watch the video below by Business Insider to learn more about how too much protein affects your body:

According to Dr. John E. Swartzberg of the University of California, Berkeley, the long-term effects of consuming too much protein are a mystery.

"No one can tell you the long-term effects, and that's what worries me as a physician," Swartzberg told the New York Times. "No one can tell you what the results are going to be in people's bodies 10 or 15 years later."

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