Veterans group seeks fast-track in Anthony Hill police murder case

A group is calling for DeKalb County to expedite the case of the police killing of U.S. Air Force veteran Anthony Hill.

Justice for Veterans wants the murder case to go to trial before District Attorney Robert James leaves office at the end of the year. James, who lost a reelection bid to Solicitor Sherry Boston in May, has been prosecuting DeKalb office Robert Olsen, who is accused of needlessly killing Hill in 2014.

Hill, 27, who was unarmed and unclothed, was shot while apparently having a manic episode outside a Chamblee apartment complex.

“In January 2017, there will be a new District Attorney and this transition will impede the wheels of justice,” the group said in a news release. “If this case prolongs another year it will not get the priority it deserves. The deceased's family, community and country should not have to wait unnecessarily for sentencing to occur.”

The group planned to present a letter Thursday afternoon to Judge J.P. Boulee. Expected to join were groups incluing Simply United Together, DeKalb Southern Christian Leadership Conference, National Action Network, Black Lives Matter and Nicholas Thomas Coalition.

Hill's case sparked widespread attention as outrage mounted across the country over police killings of people of color. Numerous protests have been held demanding justice for Hill, who was medically discharged from the Air Force in April 2013 after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Hill struggled to find the right medication, which likely led him to wander nude outside his apartment, friends have said. A neighbor called 911 to get him medical help, but it was dispatched as a suspicious person.

About five minutes after Olsen arrived, Hill was shot twice after ignoring commands to stop, according to previous reports.

The grand jury found the shooting was unjustified. Olsen has pleaded not guilty.