Two Fulton precincts to remain open later due to early morning issues

The polls opened, with a couple hiccups in Fulton County, on Dec. 4, 2018.

Credit: John Spink/AJC

Credit: John Spink/AJC

The polls opened, with a couple hiccups in Fulton County, on Dec. 4, 2018.

Two Fulton County precincts will remain open later Tuesday due to early morning runoff Election Day issues.

The Life Center Ministries polling place, at 2690 Mt. Vernon Road, will stay open an hour later because the polling manager lost a stack of voter access cards, which voters put into machines to cast their ballots.

“She shouldn’t have done this. She’s experienced,” said Richard Barron, Fulton’s director of registration and elections.

Barron said the poll manager signed for the cards on Sunday but lost them sometime before Tuesday's runoffs.

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Voters used provisional ballots until those ran out at 8:15 a.m., Barron said. His office printed up new ballots and rushed them over. New access cards arrived at 9:15 a.m.

But, essentially, there was an hour of no voting.

Barron said one person left during that time.

But Nick Arapoglou, an actor on “The Walking Dead,” tweeted the following about the polling location: “Many people have left. And I’ve heard some say they don’t have time to come back later. The absurd GA voting system is alive and well!”

Also remaining open later will be the Joseph D. McGhee Tennis Center precinct, 820 Beecher Court in Atlanta.

At that location, the person who was supposed to open the building for poll workers showed up at 7 a.m., the same time polls were supposed to open. This caused a delay in getting the polls set up for voters.

The McGhee Tennis Center precinct will be open 15 additional minutes Tuesday until 7:15 p.m.

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